Sizing guide

Because people come in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes, sizing can differ from store to store. To make things  easier for you in an ever-complicated world, her is our sizing structure…

finger sizes

The best way to find out your finger size is to visit a local jewellery store and have your size measured by them. If that is not possible, try and measure across your finger to match up the diameter with our sizing chart below.

It is common for fingers to swell slightly on hot days or after exercise and to shrink slightly in colder weather. It is advised to measure your finger when your body is at an average temperature, or to measure in both extremes and figure out a mid-way size.

* Please note that we are not held responsible should you give us the wrong size. Please make sure you have tested it over your knuckles and are sure of the fit.

X Small ( I, J )

Small ( K, L )

Medium ( M, N )

Large ( O, P )

X Large ( Q, R )

XX Large ( S, T )

Midi Small ( C, D )

Midi Medium ( E, F )

Midi Large ( G, H )


X Small ( 15cm )

Small ( 16cm)

Medium ( 17cm )

Large ( 18cm )

X Large ( 19cm )



X Small (50cm)

Small (55cm)

Medium (60cm)

Large (65cm)

X Large (70cm)


X Small (61mm)

Small (63mm)

Medium (65mm)

Large (67mm)

X Large (70mm)